The Basics of Indoor Air Quality

The air you breathe should be given the same consideration as the water you drink. Unfortunately, it’s not of concern until the pollen count is high or co-workers are complaining of headaches and fatigue. Indoor air quality effects everyone both at work and at home and should be taken seriously.
At home, you have control of the air quality. Source control is an effective measure you can take. Are there chemicals around the home that do not have an air tight seal? If so, move them away from the home or place in an airtight container. If your air handler/furnace is in the garage consider the contaminants within the garage that maybe present. Without an airtight seal these toxins and odors maybe distributed through your duct work throughout your home. Also consider the chemicals and air fresheners being used. Mixing chemicals can release toxic fumes, so be careful when cleaning around the home. In addition to source control, have an operational carbon monoxide alarm.
Everyone needs an operational carbon monoxide alarm. This is especially true with gas appliances or an attached garage. Carbon monoxide is colorless, tasteless, and odorless. An alarm is necessary to detect dangerous levels. Many newer vehicles offer remote start. This feature is very convenient, but there have been reports of people accidentally starting their vehicles within their garages. Unfortunately, this has led to deaths. An operational carbon monoxide alarm can be the difference between life and death.
In addition to source control and a carbon monoxide alarm, ventilation is another key component. Anything that has a scent can potentially affect air quality. Proper ventilation is especially important in the kitchen and bathrooms. Both areas are prone to odors and moisture. Although most odors are just a nuisance, moisture can lead to long term damage. Excessive moisture (humidity) causes mold and mildew. If your bathroom is not equipped with an exhaust fan consider having one installed.
Indoor air quality within the home is within your control.