Kitchen & Bath – Indoor Air Quality

Normal daily activities create pollutants and high levels of moisture in the home. Eliminating pollutants from the home is ideal, but everyday things like cooking and showering do impact air quality. Byproducts of cooking include heat, smoke, and moisture. Showering, and bathing produce large levels of moisture in the air that can lead to mold, mildew and damage to furnishings. These byproducts need to removed from the home and exhausted outside. This may sound complicated, but probably already own the equipment you need to control indoor air quality. Kitchen exhausts are incorporated into range hoods or over the range…

The Basics of Indoor Air Quality

The air you breathe should be given the same consideration as the water you drink. Unfortunately, it’s not of concern until the pollen count is high or co-workers are complaining of headaches and fatigue. Indoor air quality effects everyone both at work and at home and should be taken seriously. At home, you have control of the air quality. Source control is an effective measure you can take. Are there chemicals around the home that do not have an air tight seal? If so, move them away from the home or place in an airtight container….