Energy Reports

What is an energy report?
An energy report is an overview of your home and the major systems of your home such as windows, insulation, HVAC systems and appliances. The report will list your estimated yearly monthly bills and potential money saving upgrades. An energy report from Heart Home Inspections will also include timelines as to how long it will take a home owner to see payback or a “return on investment”.

Who needs an energy report?
An energy report may prove useful to any person that would like to save on their monthly utility bill. Homes often have hidden “energy hogs” that can easily be corrected. Sometimes the physical construction or age of a home may be causing excessive energy use. An energy report can help generate a list of easy upgrades a homeowner can implement to save money on yearly energy cost.

How long does an energy report take? Do I need to be home?
It takes about an hour to complete an energy report and you will receive the report in approximately 24 hours from your appointment time. A homeowner or tenant only needs to be present if the home being inspected is occupied.

Sample pages from a completed energy report are shown below. Click on any image to see it in a larger size.

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